The Evangel Dean Basic Training Manual

World Impact's vision is clear and bold: to recruit, empower, and release urban leaders who will plant churches and launch indigenous church planting movements. We have established The Evangel School of Urban Church Planting to equip church planters to plant healthy churches among the city’s poor. Through assessment, coaching, and consultation, we facilitate church plant teams to use biblical wisdom as they engage unreached urban neighborhoods, with the goal of planting churches where Christ will be honored, the Word of God preached, and justice and compassion demonstrated for all to see. This guidebook is the official text for the Dean Training course to help churches and ministries sponsor their own church plant training. Designed as a manual for deans who help steer urban church planters, this workbook provides a blueprint for the whys and wherefores of the entire process, from the formation of the team to transitioning leadership of the newly planted church. On completion of their course and Dean Commissioning, Deans are then certified to host their own Evangel School sessions within their ministry context. This text is keyed to other valuable resources specifically designed for the Evangel Church Plant Schools in order to help urban church planters plant churches in the city (i.e., Ripe for Harvest: A Guidebook for Planting Healthy Churches in the City and Planting Churches among the City’s Poor, Vols. 1 and 2). In addition, online videos, PowerPoint presentations, and other supplemental resources developed for Evangel Church Plant Schools are available to help a church, organization, or ministry train teams to plant churches among the poor. Join us as we strive to plant thousands of healthy churches in communities where Christ is not yet known!