Building Bridges, Scaling Walls- Learning the Art of Edifying Dialogue

The level of division and alienation today in American society is high, and appears to be rising. The most important skill necessary to overcome this estrangement will be careful and clear dialogue, the kind that respects those who disagree with us, while making plain our beliefs and convictions. As the introduction says, “Godly, sincere, and open-minded people can and often do disagree on various themes that confront them together. . . . It takes time and effort to understand another person’s view and to hear their arguments and evidence without prejudice or bias. Good dialogue is an expression of humility.” This book calls for that kind of humility and charity, built on the rules and rhythms of tender-hearted, tough-minded dialogue. Grasping the principles contained within it will enable us in dialogue to engage the great and thorny issues of our day, while learning the art of speaking the truth in love.