Planting Churches Among the City's Poor, Volume 1

For more than forty years World Impact, an inner-city missions organization, has sought to declare in word and deed the love of Christ with our neighbors in the cities of America. After beginning with Bible clubs and children’s ministry (the mid 60s to early 70s), we shifted to a discipleship focus on teens (mid 70s to early 80s), then to the formation of compassion and justice ministries (early 80s), with early Christian gatherings (mid to late 80s), and finally to indigenous church planting (since 1990). Our formal announcement over twenty-five years ago to plant self-governing, self-supporting, and self-reproducing indigenous churches among the city’s disadvantaged put us on a course to empower the broken, develop urban leaders, and now, participate in global mission among the urban poor. This two-volume set is an anthology of much of our research, dialogue, and insight gleaned over the past two decades. It is a comprehensive collection of diverse materials, covering numerous topics and issues, all designed to help you better understand the theological, missiological, cultural, and anthropological roots of valid church planting work in the city. For those interested in church planting among the city’s neediest population, this set is an absolute must.