Picturing Theology- An A to Z Collection of TUMI's Key Diagrams, Charts, Graphics and Articles

In this collection of graphs and diagrams, Dr. Davis offers an insightful collection of pictures to help the Bible and theology student to probe the meaning of many difficult concepts of Scripture. He says in the Introduction, “Although a graphic may sometimes be offered as a poor substitute for clear reasoning about an idea or concept, good metaphors, diagrams, or symbols can often be just the tool to help us grasp some mystery with better comprehension. . . . The prophets and apostles often used visual pictures and metaphors to help God’s people understand God’s analysis of a situation, or lean into the meaning of some mystery or concept God was communicating with them.” This current collection contains dozens of graphics on a variety of biblical and theological themes, all designed to help you better grasp the meaning of the mysteries of the Scriptures. This is a perfect tool for those who teach or preach or those students of the Bible who desire to see God’s Word explained and better understood through pictures, graphs, tables, and metaphors.