An Authentic Calling

An Authentic Calling: Representing Christ and His Kingdom Through the Church

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This workshop explores the ways in which to understand, recognize and acknowledge the personal call of God. It thoroughly examines the various dynamics of that heroic call, looking specifically at the gifting, authority and opportunities God provides within it. A must have resource for those considering the call of God in their and others’s lives! Student Workbook is available in paperback and Kindle versions. Course Media includes audio teaching files. (Mp3 format) TUMI Satellites This course may be applied toward Christian Ministry or Urban Mission. This course originally was part of our Upper Room Workshop series, TUMI course # U2-401. If you are a satellite of TUMI, you also have access to a syllabus for this course that allows you to offer this course to your students for credit. Course Syllabus, Quizzes, Exams and Answer Key available to TUMI Satellites only in the Satellite Gateway. Required Textbooks: Spiritual Leadership, J. Oswald Sanders The West Point Way of Leadership, Col. Larry R. Donnithorne