2021-22 Church Year Calendar- Our Sacred Roots- The Priesthood of All Believers

Our Sacred Roots: 2020-21 Church Year Calendar Our 2021-22 Church Year Calendar is entitled Our Sacred Roots: The Priesthood of All Believers. The phrase Sacred Roots is the term we use for the Great Tradition of the Church, that historic deposit of faith and practice that shapes its life and ministry in the world. This year we will focus on the Church’s subjective response to God’s working in the world. Historically the Church has sought to live true to the Story of God in Scripture, which details God’s saving in history. This year we concentrate on the Church’s priestly work, its embrace of this saving Story in its theology, worship, discipleship, and witness. Each seasonal image in this liturgical calendar was taken directly from our theme song, The Church of the Living God in Jesus Christ, a song that depicts key biblical images of the Church. (See the lyrics inside the back cover.) This 2021-22 calendar outlines the traditional feast days and celebrations of the liturgical year, from Advent to the Reign of Christ the King, along with the weekly texts of the Revised Common Lectionary Year C. Come, join us as we reflect on these key images of the Church, and so rediscover our calling to live as priests of God to seek the salvation of a world that desperately needs to hear of and receive his love. Please contact us at for orders of 3 or more.