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TUMI International Swahili (DRC)-Fight the Good Fight of Faith Fight the Good Fight of Faith: Playing Your Part in God’s Unfolding Drama-French Authors: Rev. Don .. Product #: Swahili-drc-fight-the-good-fight

Swahili (DRC)-Fight the Good Fight of Faith

Swahili (DRC)-Fight the Good Fight of Faith

Manufacturer: TUMI International

Fight the Good Fight of Faith: Playing Your Part in God’s Unfolding Drama-French

Authors: Rev. Don Allsman, Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis

This is the Swahili (DRC) translation of this resource.

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This practical, helpful resource is specially designed to help new and growing Christians become effective disciples/warriors of Christ, and is built entirely on the Story of God as told in the Scriptures. Following the thematic outline of Ephesians, this lesson guide helps believers understand what the Bible says about the key dimensions of our participation in God’s grand Story in nine integrated lessons. These studies lay out the key elements in how we fulfill our role in God’s Story, allowing students to grow as disciples of Christ as they are grounded in the basics of the Christian faith and walk. This resource serves as our official precursor to TUMI’s Capstone Curriculum seminary training, providing a solid introduction to the Bible’s major themes as well as the foundational principles of Christian discipleship.

Lesson Titles

Lesson 1 The Epic We Find Ourselves In: Joining Our Story with the Story of God
Lesson 2 The Enlistment We Make: Accepting Our Role in the Cosmic Conflict of the Ages
Lesson 3 The Entrance We Get: Linking Our Life with the Life of God in Christ
Lesson 4 The Endowment We Receive: The Holy Spirit’s Role in the Good Fight of Faith
Lesson 5 The Excellence We Show: Living as Saints of God and Ambassadors of Christ in this World
Lesson 6 The Edification We Seek: Building up One Another in the Body of Christ
Lesson 7 The Enemy We Fight: Walking in Victory Against the Enemy of God
Lesson 8 The Equipment We Use: Putting on the Whole Armor of God
Lesson 9 The Endurance We Display: The Perseverance of the Saints


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